Episode 2 - Diego’s story

July 6, 2017

Dr. Diego Delgado has travelled all around the world, but Canada is the only place he wants to be.

Now a cardiologist specializing in advanced heart failure and cardiac transplantation at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Dr. Delgado immigrated to Canada from Argentina in 2000 to take a position at the world-renowned cardiac centre.

You are listening to UHN Home, where we're telling stories to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. Every week, we'll tell you the stories of people who came from all around the world and stories of people whose families have called Canada home for thousands of years. They all work at the nation's largest research hospital: the University Health Network.

Produced by: Ana Gajic and Andrew Berthiaume

Cover art by: Jose Ongpin

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